Conventions & Seminars

In addition to monthly meetings and regular workshops, the PPOC-Alberta and the PPOC host annual conventions and seminars.

The Provincial PPOC-Alberta convention is 4 or 5 days in duration, and includes the annual print competition and salon, speakers, workshops, trade show, and some of your meals and various social gatherings. It is a great opportunity to meet with photographers from other centers, and learn from the speakers, the print critiques and each other. We always tend to have a lot of fun at our conventions.

The National PPOC convention has a variety of speakers, the print competition and salon, an extensive trade show, meals, fun night, banquet, prizes and more.

By attending these events, you can improve the quality of your work year after year. There is always something new to learn. When you go to see the speakers, you will notice when you look around the room that there are many CPA’s (Craftsman of Photographic Arts), MPA’s (Masters of the Photographic Arts) and SPA’s (Service of the Photographic Arts) in the audience. Learning is a life long occupation.

In addition to being fun and educational, attendance at these conventions and seminars are a way to earn service merits towards your CPA, MPA, and SPA awards.

Information on how to earn your CPA and MPA can be found on the PPOC online directory.