Code Of Ethics

All photographers joining the Professional Photographers of Canada‚ÄďAlberta sign a Code of Ethics, stating:


i. I shall maintain dignified, proper and businesslike decorum in the conduct and presentation of my photography, in the appearance of my business premises, and in all my dealings with the public.


ii. I shall conduct all my business affairs with the highest moral integrity, honesty and good faith.


iii. I shall refrain from the use of false titles, or inaccurate technical terms or descriptions, and misleading or false terms or claims in the conduct of my photographic affairs.


iv. I shall endeavor in all my dealings with the public, to produce photographs and photographic services of the highest quality and to use my best efforts for the benefit of the public with whom I have dealings.


v. I shall co-operate with and assist my fellow members in the spirit of friendship whenever possible and I shall refrain from resorting to any unfair competition or trade practices in my dealings with my fellow members, or the public.


vi. I shall assist and give of my knowledge to the members of my profession, and will encourage them, individually and collectively, so that the quality of photography may constantly be raised to higher standards.