PPOC accreditations give you credibility in the market place. An accreditation is proof that you can produce above the standard professional work in a given category and the public easily understands this. With an accreditation you will receive higher respect from the public, and that translates directly into more work for you, and the ability to demand a greater fee.

Accreditation is the first elevation above general membership. Within the PPOC-Alberta accreditation elevates you to the ‘Accredited’ category of membership. You are also able to run for office and take a place on the executive.

The process of getting an accreditation is one of the most beneficial learning experiences that you can have. Your prints will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and written comments will be given to you. If all of your images are not accepted, rejected prints will be fully critiqued, giving you valuable knowledge so that you can generally improve your work, and hopefully attain your accreditation upon resubmission. Most accredited photographers have had some prints rejected, and have had to resubmit at least once!

Help is available in preparing your submission. Your sponsoring member is an accredited photographer; he or she will be able to help you. You can also call any accredited member that you know for help or can call Gordon Scade, CPA the President of PPOCAlberta at 780.478.1204.